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Classic 3-in-1 STEM Kit

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Age range: 5-10 years

Learn about motion and movement with our three classic engineering projects: a balloon-powered car, a pom-pom catapult, and a pop rocket!

All profits go towards donating more of these kits to disadvantaged elementary school students across the community.

Note: Younger students may need grown-ups to help with some of the projects.

  • Pompom Catapult

    Fire a pompom into the sky by building a pompom catapult!

    Difficulty: Easy

  • Balloon-Powered Car

    Learn about Newton’s Third Law of Motion by building a balloon-powered car!

    Difficulty: Medium

  • Pop Rocket

    Build your own messy, water-powered pop-rocket with the power of alka seltzer and water!

    Difficulty: Easy

    Note: Students are required to have a grown-up supervise the rocket launch.